Winter Car Maintenance Tips

    Winter Car Maintenance Tips


    1. Antifreeze


    In winter outside the temperature is very low. To make the vehicle run normally, there must be enough antifreeze to do. Otherwise the water tank will be frozen. The circulation will not work, so the vehicle will fail.


    Antifreeze tank level should be between MAX and MIN only, less to replenish on time.


    2. Engine oil


    As we all know, oil has three major functions: lubrication, cooling and cleaning, and the normal flow of oil is an important medium to ensure the normal work of the engine.


    Winter lubrication requirements of the car is relatively high. You need to replace summer use oil, long-used color-changed oil and adhesion deteriorated oil to ensure smooth engine start. Under normal circumstances are 5000 kilometers to change the oil once.


    3. Tire pressure


    Car tires are also a very important part of the car, we should pay more attention to the inspection and maintenance of tires when using the car in winter.


    Especially in winter air expansion and contraction, tires are very easy to blow. Therefore, we need to properly reduce tire pressure in winter, and when walking on snow and ice, we can install anti-skid chains to the tires, which can avoid the car skidding.


    4. Warm air system


    Winter temperatures are low, so many people in the drive to use the warm air system. The car heating system will inevitably have some problems after it has been out of use for a long time. If there are abnormalities, be sure to go to the 4S store or repair store in time for maintenance.


    5. Windshield


    No matter what time of the year, keeping the windshield clear is the key to keeping the driver safe, especially in winter.


    Winter dawn is later, and often there will be rain and snow days and foggy weather. So we have to keep the windshield clear at all times to ensure a clear view of the road ahead.


    When it comes to sub-zero weather, the windshield is easy to ice, at this time we can spray some glass water to melt the ice, or switch to antifreeze windshield.


    In addition to the windshield, the rear window glass can provide drivers with a good view of the rear, so it also needs maintenance, timely removal of fog on the rear window.


    6. Chassis


    There are more rainy and snowy days in winter, so the road conditions are not very ideal. In the process of speeding vehicles, the tires will be rain or snow splashed on the car chassis, over time, the chassis will rust.


    So be sure to give the car chassis a good anti-rust care in time. To better protect your car, you can also extend the life of your car.


    7. Paint


    Car owners in general, but also pay attention to the maintenance of car paint, especially in winter, because in the process of rainfall and snowfall, rain and snowflakes absorb and dissolve the sulfur dioxide in the air, nitrogen oxides form acid rain, the road sprinkled with snowmelt also has a certain corrosive, so in order to better maintain the car paint, car owners should not only often wash the car with warm water, so as not to hurt the car paint more cold water, but also regularly do waxing, glazing, coating. Glaze, coating maintenance project.