How to create a simple and comfortable bedroom

    How to create a simple and comfortable bedroom

     How to create a simple and comfortable bedroom? Bedrooms will be cozy with these 7 tips!

    The bedroom is a space for sleeping and resting. The design of this space is generally simple, comfortable and practical. So how to design the bedroom when decorating? Are there any details and matters that need to be paid attention to?

    1. Material: mainly environmental protection

    The hard decoration materials in the bedroom are mainly concentrated on the walls and floors. Since this space is where we sleep, the time is long and the space is relatively closed, it is recommended that the materials of the walls and floors should be environmentally friendly; Use latex paint, while the floor is best to use floor tiles. If you like wooden floors, you should choose a brand and avoid using inferior materials.

    ▲The walls are made of latex, the floor is paved with floor tiles, and the furniture is pure solid wood. The bedroom is more environmentally friendly.


    2. Shape: avoid complicated design

    The bedroom area of most apartment types is relatively compact. Generally, after arranging the necessary furniture, it is relatively good to ensure the flow of the basic moving line. Therefore, in the hard decoration design and furniture arrangement of the entire space, it should be based on Simple and practical, avoid complicated shape design, so as not to affect the limited space design and utilization.


    ▲ Avoid modeling in the bedroom, if you really want to do it, keep it simple.


    3. Color: light color and comfortable

    The bedroom is a place to sleep. What we need in it is a relaxed and soothing atmosphere, and dark colors can give people a feeling of depression. Therefore, it is recommended to use a The collocation of light colors is the main one, avoid too dark colors, which are depressing.

    ▲The main color of the bedroom is recommended to be light-colored.


    4. Furniture: must + improve

    The necessary furniture in the bedroom is the bed, bedside table and wardrobe. These are the basic comfortable and practical furniture for our bedroom space; You can choose according to your own needs and the size of the bedroom.

    ▲The bedroom area is relatively large, and you can add bed end stools, leisure chairs and other arrangements appropriately.

    5. Lamps and switches: main and auxiliary lights, dual control

    Reference for the matching scheme of lamps and lanterns in the bedroom: the main light uses ceiling lamp + bedside auxiliary lamp, the ceiling lamp mainly provides lighting for the bedroom; while the bedside auxiliary lamp (such as wall lamp, table lamp, downlight) is provided before going to bed and when getting up at night Convenience, such as lying on the bed before going to bed, reading a book, swiping the phone, turning on the main light and facing upwards, it will be easy to dazzle the eyes, with the auxiliary light as lighting, it will provide a more comfortable bedroom experience before going to bed.

    ▲The switch of the bedroom: Single bed with one side bedside + door double control, double bed with sheets on both sides + door three control.


    6. Curtains: shading is better

    If the quality of sleep is poor and you are sensitive to light when sleeping, it is recommended to choose curtains with higher shading degree, preferably 100% shading curtains, so that even if you sleep during the day, you can completely darken the bedroom. And the curtains with better shading are also thicker, which is also helpful to the sound insulation effect, and can provide yourself with a more quiet and comfortable bedroom atmosphere.

    ▲The curtains in the bedroom do not have a high degree of shading, so during the day it will look like the picture above. It is estimated that most people will not be able to take a nap in such a bright space.


    7. Wardrobe: as big as possible

    The closet is where our clothes and seasonal quilts are stored. If the closet is not big enough, then these things will be placed all over the room. bigger.

    ▲The wardrobe is big enough so that the bedroom will not be messy.


    If you want to create a simple, comfortable and practical bedroom, you must focus on creating a comfortable sleeping environment and practical storage function design. You can refer to the above 7 points for bedroom design. If you can do the above 7 points well, I believe The bedroom in your home will also make your living more comfortable.