Have you learned all kinds of kitchen cleaning tricks

    Have you learned all kinds of kitchen cleaning tricks

    Have you learned all kinds of kitchen cleaning tricks?

    All kinds of kitchen utensils in the kitchen will get dirty over time, and we all have to master some small methods of cleaning kitchen utensils.

    Iron product

    The key issues for iron products such as iron pans, shovels, and kitchen knives are rust removal and rust prevention.

    After using the iron pan every time, use a brush to brush out the oil in the pan, wipe it clean, and then dry it with a rag to prevent rust. If the pot is pasted and cannot be cleaned with a brush, you can sprinkle some coarse salt and fry it for a while, and then brush it with a brush to clean the pot easily.


    Ceramic tableware

    Soak the newly bought ceramic tableware in 4% vinegar water and boil it in a pot to remove most of the harmful substances.

    If the used porcelain plates and bowls are too greasy to be cleaned, you can rinse them with hot water first, then apply dry flour to scrub them, and finally rinse them with clean water, and they will be particularly clean.

    The bowl that has beaten the egg liquid has a strong fishy smell. Soak it in cold water first, and then wash it in hot water. If you wash it directly with hot water, the fishy smell will remain on the bowl.


    The glass oil bottle that has been used for a long time will have a layer of greasy dirt on the bottom of the bottle, and the body of the bottle will also be greasy and have a peculiar smell.

    You can put a few pieces of crushed eggshells in the bottle first, add a few drops of detergent, then pour a little hot water, shake it repeatedly, rinse with water, and the grease will be cleaned. You can also pour baking soda or edible alkaline water into the oil bottle and shake it for a while, then rinse it with hot water.

    Stainless Steel Products

    After using stainless steel products for a period of time, a layer of mist will form on the surface, causing the surface to become dark and black. Wipe with a soft cloth dampened with scouring powder or detergent.

    This method can also be used if the surface is blackened by smoke. If the food is sticky, you can add some water to the pot and boil it on the stove for a while, then gently scrape it off with a scouring pad or a steel wool ball, do not scrape it with a kitchen knife, fruit knife or other sharp objects.

    Pot scale

    First put the empty pot on the fire and bake it. When the pot is baked until there is no steam, immediately immerse it in a basin of cold water (but don't let the water enter the pot). Shrink, the thick scale will break and fall off.

    Chopping board

    The cutting board is not easy to clean, and you may hurt your hands if you are not careful when cleaning. Find an old toothbrush, wash it in water soaked in detergent, and finally rinse it with clean water.

    Vegetable basket

    There are many gaps in the vegetable washing basket. When cleaning, first fill the vegetable washing basket with water, then pour in the corresponding proportion of bleach, and then soak overnight, all the bacteria and dirt attached to the gaps can be washed away.

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