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Auto Car Seat Covers Care & Maintenance

Cleaning leather car seat covers isn’t a simple task.

For starters, people must remove the covers from their car seats. Removing and replacing those covers won’t be difficult. When it comes to washing the covers, they need to use safe methods. Hand-wash is the best choice. Use mild soap and cold water to wash the covers. On the other hand, a machine wash and bleach will ruin the materials. Shrinking is an issue in washing the seatcovers. How can you prevent this from happening? Use a line-dry or lie-flat method. That means they should avoid using an iron and machine dry.

Cleaning the buckle is also important. You should remove the buckle first. Later, they must rinse it thoroughly with warm water. Soaking the buckle using soap isn’t recommended. Then, you can test the buckle whether or not it’s still functioning. A simple thing like unfastening and fastening the buckles would do the trick. There won’t be troubles if people hear clicks from those buckles. Otherwise, you must repeat the washing procedure until you hear the sounds.

In summary, car owners should pay attention to their fabric car seat covers. Improper care and installation only result in damages. The car interior can be smelly and uncomfortable if you don’t perform a regular maintenance like washing or cleaning. Perhaps you don’t have the time to do so. In this case, you can get help from professional cleaners. If you want to save money, you can do the task by yourself. You should learn how to do it right, though. This may take time but it’s worth the efforts.

Must-haves for Your Car Interior Decor

I just got my first car not long and i really enjoyed my life behind the wheel. As soon as i got over the excitementof my new love, I realized its interiors leave a lot to be desired, not only in lack of some personal touch, but also in comfort and safety.

Here is what i find that are must-haves in every car, they are just as useful as they are durable and stylish.

1.First and foremost,car seat covers.

And if you are a woman driver, we also got something bling for you. Check out this Pink Diamond Leather Car Seat Cover.

2.Backseat organizer

3.Car Stickers

4.Car Phone Holder

5.Creative Car Decor

6. Girly Steering Wheel Covers

Aren't them all gorgeous? I cannot wait to get them right now!

The list doesnot stop here.

Prepare for more inspirations!

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Amazing 3D Animal print bedding sets(Video)

Animal print bedding sets, incorporates vivid and realistic 3D designs of well-loved animal characters, like tiger, horse, lion, is perfect choice of bedding for teenagers and adults.

Below is a video we posted on Youtube:

If you cannot see it, click here.

You may want to see the clear images and details of your favourite ones, so we listed a few below:

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