The small round hole at the end of the nail clipper hides powerful functions and is so practical

    The small round hole at the end of the nail clipper hides powerful functions and is so practical
    I just found out today that nail clippers have a hidden function. It’s really amazing! But unfortunately, many people don't know what functions it actually has. Let’s follow along now to find out.
    Everyone should be familiar with nail clippers. When we buy nail clippers, many people think that they are just tools for trimming nails. But in fact, it has many other uses at home, which many friends may not know.
    No matter what kind of nail clipper it is, there is a small round hole on the back. The purpose of this small hole is to facilitate the insertion of nail clippers into the key ring when we usually use the key. This way we can easily take it out when we need to use the nail clipper when we go out, and we don't have to worry about losing it. In addition, this small hole has many functions.

    The first wonderful use is to bend wire. We all know that it is usually very laborious for us to bend a hard wire by hand. Therefore, we can use the small circular hole on the back of the nail clipper to put the wire in and bend it in the required shape. This makes it very convenient to bend the wire. Whether it is hard wire or other materials, you just need to put it into the small hole and bend it, and it can be easily done.

    The second wonderful use is to tighten screws. The file on the nail clipper is mainly used for rubbing the nails, but it also has another purpose. For example, when you need to remove some screws at home, what should you do if you can't find a Phillips screwdriver? At this time we can use the file on the nail clipper to easily turn the screw.


    Just insert the file into the screw hole, turn it a few times, and the screw can be removed smoothly. This makes it easier to remove and install various equipment without having to worry about finding the right tools.

    The third wonderful use is to strip wires. When we need to wrap a wire, we can use the tip of a nail clipper to gently press out a notch. But remember, be sure not to break the wires inside. This method allows us to quickly and easily strip wires while keeping them intact.


    Seeing this, have you learned it? I didnt expect that nail clippers have so many uses in life! After you learn it, try it quickly. I believe these hidden functions will bring more convenience and surprises to your life!