Checkups You Should Do for Your Car in Winter

    Checkups You Should Do for Your Car in Winter


    1. Check the battery


    The battery is most afraid of low temperature, low temperature environm

    ent, the battery capacity is much lower than the capacity at room temperature.


    Therefore, the winter must be regularly checked and clean the battery terminals, and coated with special grease to protect, to ensure reliable start and extend the life of the battery.


    2. Check the wiper


    Winter rain, so the car above the wiper plays a vital role. Wiper is a rubber product, after experiencing the wind and sun will be aging, especially in winter, the low temperature wiper will become hard, so the effect of scraping water will also become worse.


    So we have to check the wiper before driving, if the wiper is bad must be replaced in a timely manner.


    There are also snow wipers are easy to be frozen, we have to use warm air to the windshield blowing, never hard to break, will break bad.


    3. Check the brakes


    In winter, the road surface is prone to ice and slippery, which makes braking more difficult, so it is very important to make sure the brake system is working properly.


    The thickness of a new brake pad is 1.5cm, which will become thinner as the number of kilometers driven increases.


    When the brake pads have 1/3 or 0.5cm left, the brake pads should be replaced. When the brake rattles, bounces when you step on the brake, the brake runs off, or the brake becomes hard during driving, these problems need to be checked and corrected in time.


    4. Check the lights


    It is necessary to do a comprehensive inspection of the car lights, which is a basic requirement to ensure driving safety.


    Especially in winter, foggy days, reduced visibility, rear-end accidents also increased, fog lights, high brake lights work properly, is related to our winter driving safety.


    5. Choose a suitable location for parking


    Winter weather is bad, windy weather, rain and snow is always very sudden, so in order to ensure that the owners of the car is not damaged by the weather, should pay attention to choose the appropriate parking space.


    6 Remove snow in time


    Many car owners uphold the idea of once and for all, want to wait for the weather to completely clear and then a good thorough cleaning of the car, in fact, this idea should not be, after the snow car wash must be timely, as long as the snow is covered, we must immediately use water to wash off the snow.


    Because in the process of snowfall, snowflakes have adsorbed a variety of chemicals in the air, containing acidic, alkaline or corrosive ingredients, the road sprinkled with snowmelt also has a certain degree of corrosiveness, so you must wash your car in time.