Yoga Wear Buying Guide

    Yoga Wear Buying Guide

     Yoga Wear Buying Guide  

    What is yoga clothing?

    Yoga clothes refer to the clothes worn when practicing yoga. Generally speaking, yoga clothes are divided into long sleeves, mid-length sleeves, short sleeves, vests and suspenders, while pants are mainly divided into two categories: tight and loose. Broken down, there are mainly three types: straight, flared and bloomers.

    You can match the outfit according to the style of yoga clothes. Generally speaking, it is best to cover the navel to protect the energy of the Dantian.

    Yoga clothes are the most important for girls who practice yoga to have a good conversation. They are not necessarily Zen-style clothes like monks' robes and robes. What they pay attention to is spirituality and the realization of comfortable and emotional Zen fun. Therefore, when choosing a top, as long as you pay more attention to some small details, it will not only conform to the Zen feeling, but also add points to your beauty temperament. As we all know, yoga has great effects on health and weight loss, attracting more and more Chinese people to join this ranks.

    However, in addition to understanding the basic yoga theory, the prerequisite for dedicating yourself to yoga is to have a pair of yoga clothes that fit well and are comfortable. A good set of yoga clothes is very light in weight and has almost no obstruction when you do the movements, allowing you to make various movements as you like.


    Yoga clothes are underwear products, and more attention should be paid to their health characteristics. People will sweat a lot during exercise. If the material of the underwear is not truly green and healthy, harmful substances will enter the skin and body as the pores open. In the long run, it will cause great harm to the human body. Good-quality yoga clothes are made of pure natural bamboo fiber, allowing you to enjoy a green and healthy feeling during yoga exercises.

    Selection of yoga clothing For beginners, clothing is the most basic equipment. We can often see that yoga movements are relatively soft and have relatively large amplitudes, so yoga practice clothing must not be too tight. Clothes that are too close to the body are not good at stretching the movements. The yoga clothes we see are basically tight at the top and loose at the bottom. The tops are generally tighter, but the pants must be loose. This is to make it easier to complete the movements. . The top only needs to be able to show your own temperament, while the pants should be loose and casual.

    1. Materials of yoga clothes

    The materials of yoga clothes are usually divided into cotton, polyester, nylon, spandex, etc. Cotton yoga clothes are soft and comfortable, have good sweat-absorbing properties, but are not resistant to wear and are easily deformed; polyester yoga clothes are anti-wrinkle and quick-drying, but are not breathable and tend to get hot when worn; nylon and spandex blended yoga clothes The clothes have good elasticity and high comfort, but the price is higher. Different materials are suitable for different occasions and needs, and you should consider your actual situation when choosing.

    2. Styles of Yoga Wear

    The styles of yoga clothes are mainly divided into short-sleeved, long-sleeved, vests, sweatpants, etc. Yoga practice requires body flexibility and comfort, so yoga clothes are usually close-fitting but do not restrict the body's movements. The choice of short-sleeved, long-sleeved and vests should be considered according to your practice environment and weather conditions. For sweatpants, you can choose tight or loose styles according to personal preferences.


    3. Yoga clothing size

    The size of yoga clothes is very important. Yoga clothes that are too small or too large will affect the effectiveness and comfort of the practice. When purchasing yoga clothes, you should measure the size of your bust, waist, hips and other key parts, and choose according to your body characteristics and the brand's size chart. When trying it on, pay attention to factors such as whether it fits tightly against the body, whether there is enough room to stretch, and whether there is a sense of restraint.

    4. Color and pattern of yoga clothes

    The color and pattern of yoga clothes are also factors to consider when purchasing. Generally speaking, dark-colored yoga clothes are more likely to look professional and stable, while light-colored yoga clothes are more lively and fashionable. Yoga clothes of different colors can also be matched with different practice environments to create different atmospheres. In addition, some yoga clothes will also have different patterns and prints, which can add some fun and movement to the practice.


    5. How to maintain yoga clothes

    After purchasing suitable yoga clothes, how to maintain them is also very important. Generally speaking, yoga clothes should be cleaned with neutral detergent, and bleach and softener should not be used to avoid damaging the material and elasticity of and other aspects introduced in this article can help you choose suitable yoga clothing. When practicing yoga, you must not only pay attention to the choice of yoga clothes, but also pay attention to safety to avoid accidents. At the same time, you must also pay attention to the correct posture and breathing methods of yoga practice to truly achieve the purpose of physical and mental health.