Unexpected loft decoration

    Unexpected loft decoration

    The attic may not sound like an ideal living environment, although it frequently appears in various literary, artistic, film and television works, leaving a mysterious and unfathomable impression on people. Typically, attics are cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer, and sloping roofs often bump heads, however, there are many benefits: less noise from the street (and neighbors), better views, and oh yes, more intimacy. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your attic space and find a way out of a seemingly intractable structure.



    customized furniture



    When it comes to maximizing every inch of space to create an environment that is truly comfortable and enjoyable, it can be hard to find a solution that accommodates the height, shape and irregularities of a pitched roof. Modular shelving, low furniture and custom cabinets are a great option to cover the walls of different rooms, whether it's a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room. When it comes to style, go with whatever you like, but make sure it conveys serenity rather than being burdensome - avoid feeling oppressive in light wood, Nordic white, and light, simple structures.

    Simple storage basket




    If you need to fill gaps or corners with low ceilings, then using simple cardboard boxes or bamboo baskets to share the storage function is a good choice, which is both practical and can add personality to the environment.

    Coordinate furniture heights




    In the kitchen, a useful and practical approach is a must. To cater for sloping ceilings, it's best to place the refrigerator and other tall furniture in a central area where the ceiling isn't too low. In the bathroom, place the shower tray on the highest ceiling and the tub on the most sloping part of the ceiling.

    Sleep and look at the sky




    There is no doubt that this is one of the temptations of living in an attic. The slope of the roof (and of course a window) allows for a better view of the sky that no other space can offer. It is recommended to place the bed under a low ceiling to better utilize the space.

    alternative bedside table




    Beds without nightstands are a trend, so take advantage of this aesthetic and complement it with stools, chairs, and low tables as functional nightstands. A decorating tip to make it look brighter and more spacious is to put white on the bed and use different shades (cerulean, pink or lavender) to create a relaxing, calming atmosphere.

    bright light tones




    It's obvious that a clear and bright color palette adds light and visually expands the space. White, off-white or light gray are shades you'll never get tired of. If you have a pitched roof with wooden beams, painting it the same light tone as the walls will give the impression of a larger space.

    interesting gap




    The small gaps created by the special construction of the loft can be used to place a very comfortable work area or even use them as a storage solution. In the image below, you can see how a simple yet decorative striped curtain hides a storage area while enhancing the overall effect.

    looking for light




    If there are no large windows to fill the room with natural light, you can combine roof lights (depending on the size of the room and the height of the ceiling) with floor lamps (near the sofa, armchair) - or even with wall sconces - to create a bright room.


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