The Top 5 Hair Trends of 2014

    The Top 5 Hair Trends of 2014

    European and American style elements always give people a very high-end feeling. A sense of high-end is what many women pursue nowadays. This kind of element is always the most outstanding. Next, I will bring you some European and American womens hairstyles. Friends who are interested should not miss it~



    European and American style women's hairstyle



    A straight bob haircut

    Bob hair has always been a particularly popular hairstyle for short hair. In China, many women like to perm their hair. However, in European and American countries, people with bob hair styles prefer to keep their hair straight without perming. This straight bob is particularly popular in European and American countries. It looks particularly aura and temperament. Although it is very simple, it is very elegant. If you want to be as elegant as European and American women, you can refer to this short hair style.



    2. Medium-length wavy curly hair

    Curly hair is one of the hairstyles that European and American women particularly love, and many European and American womens hair is naturally curly and has its own volume. European and American women always have a lot of hair. Coupled with natural curly hair, they look so elegant! This medium-length wavy curly hair has a full European and American style. It looks really elegant, and this hairstyle can also modify the face shape.




    3. Long straight hair parted in the middle

    Medium-parted long straight hair is also a elegant hairstyle for European and American women. They are born with a lot of hair volume, and their hair is not black. In our eyes, it looks like they have dyed hair. For a lady with a delicate face and three-dimensional facial features, long straight hair parted in the middle is really eye-catching and looks like a goddess. Long straight hair is the most natural and elegant hairstyle, but it has higher requirements for face shape, facial features, and hair volume.




    Four lob collarbone perm

    The lob perm has been on the rise since the year before last, and it was popular in European and American countries. The lob collarbone perm doesnt look too imposing or classy! Gives people a full sense of high-end! The perfectly fluffy shape can better modify the face shape, and also gives people a very lazy and casual feeling. The lob collarbone perm is not particularly picky about your face shape. Friends who like short hair can refer to it~




    5. Fluffy long curly perm

    European and American women are born with a lot of hair. When permed, their curly hair will look particularly fluffy and textured, and it will look really stylish. This fluffy long curly perm looks really stunning! Only if you have a lot of hair can you get such an effect! This European and American fluffy long curly perm looks particularly elegant and is more suitable for women with small faces. It will look good whether it is dyed or not.