Collection of storage skills for the house: dining and kitchen space, as well as wall storage.

    Collection of storage skills for the house: dining and kitchen space, as well as wall storage.

    #House Storage#

    Tips for Creating a Refreshing Space

    Many people face a common problem - no matter how big their house is, they often find it difficult to find space to store their belongings.

    As time goes by, more and more items accumulate in the home, and the living space gradually gets cluttered.

    So, how can we organize our belongings in a way that maximizes space and creates a clean and tidy home?


    #Skill 1: Magical Use of the Kitchen#

    In addition to the basic storage cabinets, kitchen spaces can be designed with built-in alcoves.

    This type of built-in alcove can be used to store frequently used seasonings, dry goods, small tools, and more. Additionally, if designed with panels, it can help to isolate kitchen fumes and maintain the cleanliness of the cooking area.

    #Skill 2: "Additional Meal" at the Corner#

    If you have a small kitchen space, consider setting up a dining area in the corner or near a wall. You can then add a side shelf next to the wall to store ready-to-use tableware, paper towels, and other dining essentials.

    This setup is not only aesthetically pleasing and convenient, but it also helps alleviate storage pressure in the kitchen.

    #Skill 3: Island Storage#

    Semi-open kitchens often come with an island, and the space underneath the island provides a great opportunity to increase storage capacity.

    Design-oriented storage shelves can be arranged underneath and alongside the island, allowing you to maximize the available space while keeping the dining and kitchen area clean and tidy.

    #Skill 4: Under-Cabinet Storage#

    Additional hanging rods can be installed underneath the kitchen cabinets to provide space to hang various items such as kitchen utensils or mugs. You can organize them according to their size and function by using partitions.

    This design not only enhances the organization of your kitchen but also makes it easier and more convenient to use.

    #Skill 5: Unique Wall Decor#

    Many people like to hang decorative paintings, photos, and other items on their walls to add some visual interest. However, some wall-mounted storage boxes can also add a unique flair to a space with their clever designs and combinations. If you're interested, consider installing a set in your home to give it a try!

    #Skill 6: Grid Shelves#

    Many people are aware that grid shelves can be used as decorative elements in a room. However, these iron grid shelves can also be hung on the wall to serve both decorative and storage purposes.

    By using small hooks, these grid shelves can function as storage racks for small items. They are versatile and can be placed in various areas such as the entrance or a work room.

    #Skill 7: Wall Design#

    The wall space in a room can be utilized as a great storage option.

    Open and hanging storage can be combined to create a display and storage space on the wall. This not only adds visual interest to the wall but also helps declutter small items.

    #Skill 8: Making Good Use of Hooks#

    Be sure to use the hooks flexibly!

    For example, installing hooks where you want to hang items (such as in the entrance, behind doors, etc.) can achieve both high storage flexibility and a strong design sense.

    Similarly, the corners of walls or the sides of wardrobes can be utilized to increase the use of space corners.

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