The benefits of several types of exercise to your body

    The benefits of several types of exercise to your body

    The benefits of several types of exercise to your body

    Tennis exercises the flexibility of your left and right arms

    Slamming the ball over the net will work out your arms. A forehand swing is good for your chest, and a backhand swing is good for your shoulders.

    Tennis is a balanced training for both left and right hands at the same time. Better than table tennis and badminton single arm training. Most people (excluding left-handers) hit the forehand with their right arm.

    The process of playing tennis requires the rotation of the body, especially the training of baseline forehands and backhands, and the turning of the shoulders to the side. This is the basic skill. This training process is obvious for cervical spondylosis and frozen shoulder of white-collar workers who work in front of computers in the office for a long time. improvement effect.


    Swimming strengthens the upper body

    Swimming is a whole-body exercise. No matter which part of the body is exercised during swimming, even the neck muscles, which are difficult to exercise, will be stimulated repeatedly during swimming.

    Swimming is especially good for the body from the waist up. Stroking provides resistance to your arms. Freestyle, backstroke or butterfly stroke all use the deltoid muscles of the shoulders and the pectoral muscles of the chest. Swimming helps the legs relatively little because people tend to kick their legs less hard. So, if you want to push your legs harder, use kickboards.


    Run for the whole body

    Running and jogging are good for your calves and thighs. Because they are weight-bearing exercises, they can strengthen bones and help prevent osteoporosis. Since it is a high-intensity activity, it may cause damage to your joints. So go slow at first, especially if you're overweight. It's also okay to switch between walking and jogging. Picking up speed during a run is a good challenge.

    When people run, they will automatically adjust their running speed to an energy-saving pace. “I don’t want people to focus too much on burning calories,” says biomechanist Jennifer Hicks of Stanford University. “Running at a pace that’s energy-optimal for you is also a good option. Good for mental health and disease prevention.”


    Walking is good for your joints

    Compared to running and jogging, walking seems gentle. Walking also provides you with many benefits, including strengthening your leg muscles and strengthening your bones. At the same time, it reduces the pressure on your joints and protects joint stability. Whether your goal is to run a mile or a marathon, walking is a good place to start.

    When people age, their legs age first. Since 2/3 of the muscles of the human body are concentrated in the lower body, people in their sixties can have 70% of the grip and arm strength of young people, but only 40% of the strength of the lower body. According to research by scientists, it has been found that walking gently and vigorously has miraculous anti-aging effects.


    Benefits of exercising on an elliptical trainer

    Elliptical trainer: A fixed exercise device with a fixed movement trajectory, usually in an elliptical shape. The most powerful function of the elliptical machine among aerobic fitness equipment is that it allows us to exercise a large number of muscles in our body. For example, the machine can enhance strength and muscle endurance in the limbs, hamstrings, gluteal muscles and calves. It can also Let's work your arms, chest, and back while using the handles. The more muscles we work, the more calories we burn.

    Since your feet never leave the pedals, we don't have to endure the repetitive impact of each foot pedal on the treadmill. The best part is, you can do it indoors, rain or shine.

    The shoes we wear when training on the elliptical machine, preferably running shoes, should fit our feet and provide adequate arch support, stability and cushioning. suitable


    Great leg workout ride

    Cycling is great for your leg muscles: quads, hamstrings, and calves. You can increase the intensity of your training by using toe clips, which allow you to pull the pedal up or push it down, which gives you some extra resistance. If you're a beginner, you can skip the toe clips on your bike as they can make getting your feet off the pedals tricky. Or challenge yourself by adjusting the resistance on a stationary bike.

    Cycling at a moderate speed for about 30 minutes is effective for weight loss. Alternating fast and slow cycling can help exercise cardiopulmonary function. Cycling with the soles of the feet (i.e. Yongquan point) can play a role in massaging acupuncture points.


    A bowling ball that makes your arms strong

    Bowling is entertaining, interesting, challenging and skillful. It is a sport suitable for men, women and children. It is especially suitable for people who have been stationary in the office for a long time and have muscle soreness as a form of leisure and entertainment fitness.

    A bowling ball weighs 16 pounds, and look at how muscular those bowlers' forearms are! When throwing the ball, the muscles of the waist and back can be exercised. This exercise can regulate emotions and make people feel mentally happy and physically comfortable.