4 kitchen storage tips to maximize space use

     4 kitchen storage tips to maximize space use

    The kitchen is a space for cooking. It can be said that it carries the appetite of the family.


    As one of the areas with the highest utilization rate of household space, the kitchen has a lot of small items, and it also has higher requirements for storage and circulation.


    Today I will share with you a few kitchen storage design tips to make rational use of every inch of space, making cooking more convenient and keeping items at your fingertips~


    Make good use of drawer locations

    Cabinet base cabinets generally have two designs: drawer type and partition type.


    When picking up something in the partition style, you can't see inside while standing. You have to squat down to see it.


    As for the drawer type, you can see it as long as you open the drawer, and you can take things by bending down, which is much more convenient. Therefore, it is best to design the base cabinet into a drawer type for easy access and improved efficiency.


    Make good use of wall space

    When floor space is limited, consider wall space. An entire wall can be used, supplemented by storage gadgets such as shelves, perforated boards, and adhesive racks, so that you can have 10% more storage space in the kitchen.


    Wall space is suitable for storing items that are readily available, such as seasonings, spatulas, etc.


    Make good use of corner space


    The corners of the kitchen are often wasted storage space. At the corner, storage racks or customized corner cabinets can be used to achieve storage purposes.


    In addition, the corner space in the cabinet is also available. This position is generally deep and inconvenient to access items. Installing a corner basket can solve this problem and improve space utilization.


    Make good use of the electrical wall



    The kitchen has the most electrical appliances, such as ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. If the design is slightly unreasonable, it will not only cause inconvenience in use, but also make the kitchen look messy.


    You can design an entire home appliance wall to centrally place electrical appliances, and the effect will be grand and simple.


    With these tips, dont you think cooking has become less complicated? In fact, good design can provide everyone with a healthier, more comfortable, and smarter experience, and create an ideal kitchen that belongs only to you~

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