A comfortable bedroom can give you three times the happiness

    A comfortable bedroom can give you three times the happiness

    A comfortable bedroom can give you three times the happiness

    Take a shower every day and lie on the bed, light up your favorite aromatherapy, flip through a few pages of magazines and browse on your phone for a while, or turn on the projector and have a drink with your family, and then sleep soundly until dawn... Such a day is considered complete.

    After moving in for three years, my bedroom has also gone through a process of slow evolution and transformation. It has changed from a "family room" with two beds, one large and one small, to what it is now. I don't need to consider others for all the items, just what I like. The thoughtfulness really makes me very satisfied.

    The wall paint choice for my master bedroom is gray, and cool colors make people feel calmer. I was dazzled when I was choosing colors, but in the end I decided to consider gray as it is less likely to get boring and is more versatile, so you can change the color of the bedding from time to time, which also happens to be a change of style and mood.

    The core of the bedroom,

    It's the same bed.

    Friends often ask me what bedding recommendations I have. In fact, my bedding is basically all cotton + solid color. Bedding must be comfortable first and foremost, so you should still choose natural fiber fabrics, with cotton being the first choice. As for color, solid colors are the safest and least likely to make mistakes.

    Therefore, solid color bedding such as white and gray is a must-have for my family that I change regularly. I will choose IKEA for these basic bedding. The cotton material is close to the body and comfortable, and it is cost-effective. It doesn’t hurt for the baby to climb up and jump on the bed.

    In the summer, I cover my bed with a silk quilt. The solid-color washed cotton quilt cover is refreshing and tidy. It also fits the silk quilt very well and is not easy to slip.

    Bed sheets can be matched with the same color or other colors.

    I chose the leather soft-backed style, which is soft in color, comfortable and easy to take care of. Solid color bedding, coupled with your favorite pillows and cushions, does it feel different again?

    The above is the most basic and common four-piece set, but my family usually uses a six-piece set: there are two pairs of pillows, one pair of down pillows for leaning on, and the other pair of pillows for sleeping.

    First, it is more comfortable, because I have different heights and support levels for back pillows and sleeping pillows;

    Second, it can also make the bed fuller and more beautiful. Use two pairs of pillows in different colors to make it visually richer.

    My usual combination is one pair of pillowcases with the same color as the quilt cover, and another pair of pillowcases with the same color as the bed sheet. In this way, the colors are more harmonious, and it is also easier to distinguish which pair of pillows are used for sleeping and which pair of pillows are used for leaning.

    Of course, sometimes when I see bedding in a color that I like, I won’t hesitate to buy it. Matching the color with a basic solid color is also a good choice.

    Therefore, I usually prefer to buy a three-piece bedding set. Firstly, my pillowcases, fitted sheets and quilt covers are washed at different frequencies. Quilt covers are usually washed once every two weeks, which is not a high frequency, while bedsheets and pillowcases are generally washed once a week. , and in addition, emergencies in families with children may occur the day after changing the bedding, so the four-piece set I bought before is basically used separately.

    Therefore, the product set of bedding products is very suitable for my taste: three-piece sets, fitted sheets and pillowcases can be purchased separately, and can be used in combination for daily use. They are very versatile, and the washed cotton texture becomes more comfortable with more use.

    If you want a comfortable and unified style,

    Soft furnishings must also keep up.

    In autumn and winter, I will also add a bedspread or blanket to the end of the bed.

    Just adding a blanket in the same color as the bedside is also a bonus.

    A Uglite rug is laid next to the bed, and the linen and black stripes echo the colors of the room's curtains and chandeliers. Two more cushions of the same color are added to enrich the whole room and add some warmth and laziness to autumn and winter.

    On weekends, I sit with my family on the floor and have afternoon tea while leaning on the edge of the bed.

    On a winter night, close the door of the children's room, go back to your room, light your favorite aromatherapy, and wrap yourself in a duvet. This is your own little world.

    Or have a drink with your family while watching the projection, enjoy yourself~


    Place a vase of flowers and plants by the bedside, place a small painting, and light an incense stick. Life is decorated with these seemingly useless but beautiful things.

    Cover the light well,

    Get a better night's sleep.

    The curtains in the bedroom must be well-blocked so that there is no problem even if you sleep during the day.
    I also chose a calming and cool color, which has a better light-blocking effect, makes it easier to fall asleep, and goes well with bedding.

    Just pull up a layer of white gauze during the day to soften the sunlight, and pull up the blackout curtain at night or when you need to rest to prevent the temperature of the sun from affecting your sleep quality.

    Comfortable bedding, beautiful gadgets, gentle lighting and sweet smell can all create a comfortable and comfortable bedroom atmosphere. Changing it occasionally will give people a refreshing feeling, as if they have lived in a new house.