Different rooms, diffrerent paintings


Different rooms, diffrerent paintings

A nice painting can make you feel good and add a warm breath to a simple room. Today we're going to learn about beddinginn's art products. There are a lot of painting products here, and the style is very rich. Most of the paintings are composed of three finished products. The bright roses, different animals, beautiful scenery and modern paintings all bear unique marks.

1. Livngroom

Be opposite with TV wall commonly on the wall, namely back relies on the wall of sofa, you can decorate 1 to 3 adornment picture. For sofa is the leading role inside the sitting room normally, when choosing sitting room adornment to draw often with sofa for the center. Neuter color and light color sofa suit to match the adornment picture that warm color moves, the sofa that the color such as gules compares bright suits to match with neuter fundamental key or same close color department adornment picture. Consistent color, simply picture with same specification is the first selection for the living room. Your livingroom appears various changes but tidiness.


2. Bedroom

Bedroom adornment stresses sweet romance and elegant and comfortable. Before, a lot of people like to hang marriage gauze on the wall of the bed, actually human body canvas, flower picture and abstract painting also are pretty adornment choice. Additional, the choice of bedroom adornment picture differs somewhat because of the style of the bed. The simple bed suits to match the adornment picture that takes stereo feeling and contemporary simple sense frame. Soft and thick soft bed needs to be matched with thin frame, cold and hard decorative painting, through visual contrast to highlight the decorative effect.


3. Bathroom

Go into the toilet that sticked with ceramic tile gives cold sense to us. More and more families begin to hang adornment picture into toilet now, with downy its blunt sense. The adornment picture inside toilet must have moistureproof function above all.In the toilet that decorate drab, colour is more element inside, you might as well choose to hang the abstract picture of a tall saturation colour or artistic human body to draw, the dimension of the picture should not be too big.



Hanging up a bright and cheerful picture in the restaurant will bring you happy meal mood. No matter wood table of simple sense or contemporary and connected glass mensal, want a style, proper colour with adornment picture can build with mensal the feeling that brings out each other good result. The abstract painting that matched with  fruit, flowers and color piece combination hanging inside dining-room is quite popular now.


After learning so many tips, would you like to put a picture in your room? You can choose from our website-Beddinginn. Im sure you will love a painting.


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